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Heraklion City

1. Knossos

The most important archaeological site of Crete. The palace of the mythical King Minos and the centre of the Minoan civilisation of the 2nd millennium B.C. A visit to this famous archaeological site is a must!

2. Archaeological Museum

It houses the treasures of the Minoan civilisation, ancient Greek and Greek Roman periods from the various archaeological sites of the island of Crete. Don’t miss it for its unique cultural interest.

3. Historical Museum

Exhibits of early Christian, Byzantine, Mediaeval and recent Cretan history are presented in a very interesting way in this neoclassical building. The highlights among others are the “Holy Mountain of Sinai” and the “Baptism of Christ” of El Greco, the city-model of Heraklion showing its 17th century character and the personal objects of the world famous Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

4. Martinengo Rampart and Nikos Kazantzakis’ Tomb

Part of the Venetian city walls with a panoramic view of the greater area of Heraklion on which Kazantzakis’ tomb is found.

5. Venetian Fortress “Koules”

One of the most important fortresses in the Mediterranean. Together with the city walls, the gates, the ramparts, it forms the impressive complex of the 16th century fortification of the city of “Candia”.

6. Basilica of San Marco

Built by the Venetians originally in 1239 in the centre of the mediaeval city. Nowadays, it is very carefully restored, and it houses the Municipal Gallery of Heraklion where you can see representative works of modern Greek artists.

7. Venetian Fountain – “Lions’ Fountain”

Erected in 1629 by Francesco Morosini as a monument for the construction of the water supply system of the city.

8. Venetian Loggia

Elegant building for the gathering and recreation of the noblemen. Typical example of Palladian architecture. Today, restored, it is the Town Hall.

9. Saint Minas Cathedral

A most interesting Greek orthodox church. Its architectural style is cruciform domed basilica with modern wall paintings continuing the famous Byzantine tradition.

10. Saint Catherine’s Church Of Sinai

It functions as an icon gallery, and it is very well known for its exquisite collection of Byzantine icons of the renowned Cretan School.

11. Saint Titos

Another interesting Greek orthodox church which was transformed into a mosque during the Turkish occupation and retransformed into a Christian church after 1898. The mixture of architectural elements is a witness of the history of the city.

12. Venetian Shipyards

The venetian shipyards are in the port of Heraklion and together with the venetian fortress Koules (Rocca a Mare) form the impressive complex of the venetian port. They were used for the maintenance and guarding of the venetian fleet.


The History of Kornarou Square

The History of Kornarou Square

How to Reach

How to Reach

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